3 Delicious Recipes For Your Healthy Broccoli Salad

healthy broccoli salad

The best part about healthy broccoli salad isn’t so much how it’s flavorful, but that it’s so versatile. As versatile as you would like it to be. Even though broccoli is typically thought of as an ingredient for stews and broths, it can also be used on pasta dishes and even in a simple grilled cheese sandwich! As delicious as a healthy broccoli salad is, not all healthy broccoli salad recipes are created equal.

Mayonnaise-Based Dressing

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Usually, healthy broccoli salad consists of a deep, rich mayonnaise-based dressing added to a half-size portion of raw vegetables. You can dress up your favorite veggies with a sharp vinaigrette, like lemon juice and vinegar dressing, or a spicy olive oil and bacon dressing. Some people enjoy the taste of bacon fat on their food, but if you’re allergic, try using a soy-based sauce instead. The healthy fats in the dressing will still contribute a lot to the flavor, but you won’t be ingesting unhealthy fats.

Fresh, Crunchy Red Onions

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A healthy broccoli salad isn’t complete without some fresh, crunchy red onions. For a slightly sweeter dressing, add a little bit of apple cider vinegar to the mix, or add some raisins, dried cranberries, or date syrup to the mix for a sweet and tasty treat. Be careful, though, not to use too much apple cider vinegar as it will create a tangy dressing that will leave you wishing you had used a little bit of sugar! Add a few red pepper flakes if you are looking for a spicy taste or a little bit of Cayenne to bring out the nuttiness of the onions. Cayenne is one of my favorite spice additions to a salad – not just for its excellent heat index but also for its piquant, pungent flavor.

Freshly Sliced Portobello

Another great addition to a healthy broccoli salad is the freshly sliced portabellas. Portabellas have a strong smoky flavor, which works well with the red onion and the chopped cherry tomatoes. It is easy to make; all you need is a jar of whole-ripened portabella mushrooms, a sliced scalloped tomato, and a bunch of flat-leaf red onions. Scrub the mushrooms, put them on a baking sheet, and pop them into the oven until they are done. Then, assemble the rest of the ingredients (your tomatoes, red onions, scalloped red onions, etc.) and use a blender or processor to puree the mixture. If you are a little adventurous, you might want to add a little bit of cheese to give it a little bit of a kick.

Grilled Cheese

Now let’s move on to our favorite side dishes! The following recipe comes straight from my kitchen. One of the things I enjoy most about eating healthy broccoli salad recipes is that they usually end up being relatively healthy. What’s excellent about grilled cheese is how versatile it is. You can grill up either plain or reduced-fat cheese. You can also use ham or turkey bacon for this recipe, along with some hamburgers or hot dog buns for even more protein.

Grilled Wheat Bread

Another healthy recipe that we recently tried was grilled wheat bread with Swiss chard and mixed bell peppers and green onions. Again, there is not much dressing involved. All you need are some whole grain bread, a bunch of sliced red onions, and some Swiss chard. You shred the red onions and place the sliced onions on the top of your piece of bread. Then place your Swiss chard on the bottom and toss in your bell peppers. Cover your sandwich with some tomato paste, and your newly assembled sandwich is ready to eat!

Black Beans

The last healthy broccoli salad we will be talking about today is one that may surprise some people. If you have been to a Japanese restaurant recently, you may have noticed a few tables with a lot of black beans. The chef may have thought it would be good to combine the beans with mayonnaise and create a deliciously spicy version of black bean salad. This dish is called Gyoza and may be a perfect recipe for those who do not like the tangy taste of mayonnaise.

In The End

All you need are some radishes, sliced cucumbers, shredded carrots, and sliced zucchini to make this dish. Combine all of your ingredients and toss in some Greek yogurt. Spread the mixture over your plates and let the yogurt do all of the work. When it has absorbed all of the liquid, add about half a cup of black pepper and mix everything. Finally, you are all set to dine on the delicious tangy flavors of this healthy broccoli salad.

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