A Short Guide On Red Cabbage Salad Recipes Healthy

red cabbage salad recipes healthy

Are you searching for a healthy burst of colors in your regular diet? If yes, then this article is for you. Here, you will come to know about the most delicious red cabbage salad recipes healthy that you can prepare in 20 mins.

Read ahead to know more.

Detailed Red Cabbage Salad Recipes Healthy

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You can prepare a variety of red cabbage salad recipes healthy by just changing the ingredients as per your taste. Here, let’s see how to prepare the basic red cabbage salad using all the essential ingredients.

The raw red cabbage salad is prepared using red cabbage, yellow beets, orange carrots, plenty of seeds, slivered almonds, and lime olive oil dressing. It is one of the most crunchy and delicious red cabbage salad recipes healthy and is a perfect meal especially lunch. The total time to prepare this healthy salad is 20 minutes including 15 minutes of preparation time.

List Of Ingredients Required For Red Cabbage Salad

A bowl of salad

Two big carrots

1 medium red cabbage approximately 8 cups after slicing

1 yellow beetroot

½ spoon of lime juice

1 tablespoon of pumpkin seeds

10 Almonds, chopped

5 to 6 sprigs of coriander leaves

Black pepper

Salt as per taste

Steps To Prepare Red Cabbage Salad Recipes Healthy

Properly slice the red cabbage into thick but shot slices.

Peel the yellow beetroot and orange carrots. Then, slice them just like the red cabbage.

Now, chop the fresh coriander leaves along with their soft stems.

Take a bowl and mix the sliced carrots, beetroot, red cabbage, chopped almonds, fresh coriander leaves, and Pumpkin seeds.

Next in a small jar or a pan add ice juice, olive oil, black pepper, and salt. Whisk the mixture until thoroughly combined.

Close the jar or cover the pan and shake it for 2 mins to combine it well.

Finally, toss the red cabbage salad with beautiful dressing and serve it immediately. You can also keep it in the refrigerator if you want to enjoy it later.

This red cabbage salad recipe is healthy, super easy, and yummy. So, give it a try.

Notes To Remember For Red Cabbage Salad Recipes Healthy

The above-mentioned ingredients and instructions are for a maximum of 4 servings. So, do not forget to add ingredients in the red cabbage salad recipes healthy as per your requirements.

While preparing your red cabbage salad recipe healthy you can also use different seasonal fruits and vegetables like pears, oranges, apples. This little variation will offer a great flavor to your regular red cabbage salad.

Always store your sliced red cabbage in an airtight container. But remember to make the dressing separately when preparing the salad on the next day and give it a good mix for 10 minutes. Plus, if in any case, you are unable to use the entire red cabbage cover the leftover cabbage with plastic wrap and store it in your refrigerator.


Try this red cabbage salad recipe quickly, And if you love it then keep on changing the seasonal fruits to add numerous red cabbage salad recipes healthy in your diet chart and get rid of the boring salad.

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