Creating Amazing Chicken Salad Recipes

chicken salad recipes

Homemade chicken salad! Delightful seasoned chicken breasts tossed with an easy, bright, fresh dressing and served on soft, golden lettuce leaves or crock-pot sandwich sheets is a summertime staple recipe everyone keeps coming back for. A real summertime favorite!

Chicken Salad Recipes Made With Gourmet Ingredients

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If you love chicken salad recipes made with gourmet ingredients, you will love this one! It is one of our all-time favorite quick meal-recipe. Made with just four simple ingredients, this amazing chicken salad recipe is loaded with flavor! This delicious recipe uses pecans and sharp cheddar cheese on top of shredded chicken breast in a simple, yet delicious twist on the well-known chicken salad.

To make this chicken salad recipe, all you need is some fresh, shredded chicken breast cut into thin slices. Then, you’ll combine the following ingredients. Depending on the variety of your choice, you may want to start with reduced sodium mustard, then reduced fat cheddar cheese, cranberry juice, lemon juice, and paprika. Blend all these ingredients together until they become a smooth paste, which will help with the thickening of the salad. (Make sure and strain any additional liquid from the veggies before serving.)

For an authentic chicken salad recipe’s flavor, you may want to add some pieces of white cheese to the mixture. In addition, you may also want to add a spoonful of Greek yogurt to the mix to increase the texture and creaminess. You will find that the flavors mix really well together, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations. For a more subtle dressing, you may want to add lemon or lime juice instead of the paprika.

Consider Including Other Vegetables That Will Compliment The Salad

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As you make the recipe more delicious, you can also consider including other vegetables that will compliment the salad. For example, you can replace the tomato sauce with reduced-fat sour cream or yogurt. You can also add chopped green onions to the recipe, or even chopped parsley. As an added bonus, by making use of canned green onions you can cut down on the sodium content of your meal. However, if you do decide to add chopped onions to the recipe, be sure and remove the green onions first.

To help boost the flavor of this easy to make sandwiches, you may want to season them before cooking. To do so, simply dice up the following ingredients. Using a food processor is the best way to accomplish this, as it will ensure uniform sized chunks. Add the tomatoes, bell pepper, and cilantro to the mix. Also be sure to add salt and pepper to taste.

To make this delicious recipe more appealing, consider garnishing it with fresh sprigs of fresh grape or cherry tomatoes. You can also add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice to give it a little zest. Finish off the nutritional value of the chicken salad with the addition of chopped, fresh grapes or strawberries. It’s so simple to achieve and surprisingly tasty.

Final Ingredient In This Recipe Is Greek Yogurt

The final ingredient in this recipe is Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt will bring out the richness of the chicken salad, but also absorbs the excess moisture in the recipe. It’s important to use low-fat yogurt, as fat will dilute the taste of the Greek yogurt. If using Greek yogurt, you may also want to add a spurt of sour cream or mayonnaise to add a smoothness to the salad. This may also provide an additional dose of protein to your meal.

For additional protein, another excellent choice for chicken salad sandwich ingredients are lean chicken breasts. Chicken breasts are very lean, which makes them a healthier choice than other cuts of meat. Typically you can find chicken breasts at the supermarket in the cooler section, near the produce section or at the meat counter. They are usually available for just a few dollars per pound, making them economical to prepare and easy to find. Just be sure to soak the chicken breasts in water or marinade overnight to prepare them for cooking.

When preparing your chicken breasts, you should choose a cut with a looser fit. This will help ensure even cooking, which is essential if you are looking to pull off a successful chicken salad sandwich. To make this easy technique easy, you should try cooking your chicken breasts on the grill. Grill temperature varies by brand so be sure to test yours to make sure you don’t end up burning your chicken. Grill temperature is high enough to cook the skin on the chicken, but low enough to retain all of the juice that is in the meat.

Bottom Line

By combining these tips with your favorite vegetables, it’s going to be easy to create an amazing chicken salad recipe that you can eat on its own or take along to a picnic. There are several choices for how to make this healthy sandwich. It’s best to use spinach if possible because it is lower in sodium than tomatoes. If you enjoy using mayonnaise as a dressing, that choice also makes a great sandwich.

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