Green Salad Formula: Health And Nutrition Combined

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A correct balance of colors, flavors, and texture gives rise to a perfect green salad. The essential ingredients used are red onion, croutons, parmesan cheese, mixed greens, cucumber, and tomatoes with balsamic vinaigrette. If you seek a straightforward formula for making it, you are at the right place.

Green Salad Formula: Health And Nutrition Combined
Green Salad Formula: Health And Nutrition Combined

Green Salad Ingredients

In a green salad, first of all, lettuce is the main ingredient. However, in the market, there is various lettuce type, and using only one type make the mixture look dull. Salad serves at the beginning; it is for activating your taste buds as well as stimulate your appetite. Along with various lettuce types with contrasting colors, textures, and flavors make it enervating and vibrant. Conventional lettuce type available for salad is a red leaf, green leaf, iceberg, and romaine. Leafy lettuce brings crunchiness.

Romaine’s versatility brings freshness. Good Idea!

Cutting The Lettuce

The preparation of a perfect green salad formula contains another part. The lettuce chopped into bite-sized. With the use of a proper knife, chopping makes lettuce look excellent and uniform instead of tearing.

Green Salad Formula: Health And Nutrition Combined
Green Salad Formula: Health And Nutrition Combined

Consider Tomatoes

You need to consider different tomato types depending on the season. Classic hothouse tomato seems is a nice choice, watery and heavy. Cutting cherry tomatoes add a much healthier flavor. You can use a useful tool like a serrated knife to slice tomatoes in round shape. Using a fork into a cherry tomato.

Balancing The Ingredients

If you load too many ingredients, you become a victim of “salad bar syndrome,” that’s not good. Strike a balance of each component separately. Adding more vegetables such as red onion makes the green salad handy, and it pays to pungency, crux, and color. Other plants include shredded cabbage, sliced bell peppers, sliced cucumbers, and coupled with shredded carrot.

How To Blend

Try to blend different colors perfectly bringing both mouthwatering flavor and texture as well. As a thumb rule, instead of a single bell pepper type, use yellow or orange ones.

Keep It Crispy And Cool

How to make lettuce crispier? The crispness and freshness get determined on-time you kept it re-fidgerated. Use a salad spinner basket to dry the greens after washing it. Using damp paper, let the water get soaked. Air circulation is important. Make it wilt faster via keeping or sealing it in plastic bags. Salad dressing slides off the pool and leaves at the bottom if it is dripping wet. Serving it chilled allows it to look greenly.

Chill The Green Salad

Furthermore, chill your salad plate by refrigerating it for 30 minutes. So, when you hear guests arriving at your home make a fresh, crisp and nice green salad ready for serving them.

Serve The Green Salad

In short, slice bite-sized shred or strips instead of just chopping veggies into pieces. At the bottom of the bowl in which salad is kept, diced vegetables must settle down. Try to keep the shreds and strips ready to toss while the mixture mixes it well. Just distribute it. Dress nicely. Coat lettuce pieces and gently toss it after pouring vinaigrette to it. It looks really nice to have a salad before the meal.

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