How Many Calories Are in a Chicken Salad

calories in chicken salad

Chicken salad is one of the most popular choices for a family meal. It satisfies all the tastes of a traditional salad with the addition of chicken. Chicken salad can be prepared in many different ways but the traditional way of preparing it is to mix mayonnaise with eggs, breadcrumbs, and then grate it. Other popular ingredients might include onions, celery, pepper, hard-boiled eggs, cucumber, pickles, and various other mustards

A healthy chicken salad recipes doesn’t have to contain all those unhealthy ingredients that you are trying to avoid. It doesn’t even need to contain any vegetables. In fact, there are only three absolutely necessary ingredients for a healthy recipe. Those ingredients are tomatoes, lettuce and cranberries.

Add Tomatoes

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Tomatoes contain much needed vitamins and minerals, which are lacking in the otherwise unhealthy chicken salad recipes. In fact, tomatoes are so healthy that they are considered the root of all vegetables. Because of this, tomatoes are an excellent choice over some of the other vegetables in the recipe. They add a lot of flavor without adding too much calories. Cranberries are another great ingredient because they also add a lot of flavor without taking any of the needed nutrients from the diet.

Avoid Mayo

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Low calorie count calories in chicken salad recipes can come from the kind of mayo used. Although mayo has zero nutritional value by itself, it definitely adds a lot of calories when mixed with other ingredients in the recipe. So be careful when choosing the mayo to use in your recipe. For example, the low calorie mayo from a soy sauce mayo is just fine in a low calorie chicken salad recipe, but adding a lot of sugar to the mayo will ruin the recipe. The same can be said for blueberries, as long as they are not processed. Even though you may find that a blueberry sauce tastes very good, processed blueberries are loaded with calories. Therefore, you should stick with using fresh blueberries in your chicken salad recipe.

Add Dried Garlic

Another ingredient that can have a negative impact on your recipe is garlic, specifically dried garlic. As you probably know, raw garlic contains very high levels of sodium, and these high sodium levels can really add a lot of calories to your meal. Therefore, it is better to choose another option like lean pieces of chicken instead of using garlic. Also, you may want to cut back on the celery if you are aiming for a low calorie chicken salad recipe. However, this may not always be possible, so you may have to cut down on the celery in your recipe to compensate for the lack of celery.

Add Salads

As you can see, there are a lot of variables that can affect the calories in chicken salad. If you are aiming for a recipe with low calories, then it pays to take note of how much each ingredient has. This will allow you to come up with the best chicken salad recipe for your family. However, if you just want to have something tasty, then don’t be afraid to use whatever you like. As long as you make sure your recipe doesn’t end up with more calories than you like, you won’t go too far wrong.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to choosing the recipe that has fewer calories, then it may be best to go for ranch dressing. This may seem like an obvious choice, but it is actually very healthy and can easily be incorporated into your chicken salad recipe without adding too many calories. It is also good on fish, as it adds a nice flavor. As long as you watch the amount of calories you are taking in, then you won’t have to worry about it at all.

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