How To Prepare Shrimp Salads

shrimp salad recipes

This depends on your taste, the ingredients you have on hand and the types of shrimp you have available in your kitchen. Don’t be intimidated if you don’t feel you can create a meal from any recipe. Just keep trying and don’t give up. In time you will master the art of creating tasty and nutritious salads with just your shrimp.

There are many shrimp recipes to choose from. You can make them the traditional way by combining mayonnaise, lime juice and scallions. You can also opt for the healthier route and make an authentic Thai salad with fresh vegetables and tofu. Another choice is making a salad consisting of romaine lettuce, spinach leaves and shredded carrots. Add some chopped peanuts and sesame seed dressing and you have a tasty salad to die for.

There Are Rice And Meat Involved

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If you have ever had a Chinese or Japanese meal where there are rice and meat involved, then you have most likely heard of a seafood salad. A seafood salad is simple to prepare and can be spiced up by adding spices to it such as ginger, garlic, soy sauce and lemon. The key is to mix the ingredients in the appropriate amounts to make the recipe soggy or light without being too heavy. You may even want to toss in some crunchy greens such as spinach or kale to round out your seafood meal. For an authentic Chinese flavor, stir fry your shrimps with onion and bell pepper.

Shrimp salad recipes can also be found online, in cookbooks and sometimes in the most unlikely of places; your local grocery store. They are usually called shrimp gumbo, red shrimp gumbo, but can vary greatly from one restaurant to another. I have even seen shrimp salad in grocery stores, frozen or fresh, served in odd shapes such as logs or odd-shaped pasta bowls.

A Variety Of Shrimp In Them

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Some of the shrimp salad recipes that I have had the most success with are those that have a variety of shrimp in them. Some are light salads that are filled with vegetables and other food items such as peas while others are heavier meals containing chicken or beef. It is best to use a balance of shrimp versus other types of cooked meats for this recipe to taste its best. Also, make sure that your shrimp are fresh and not frozen if you are making your own recipes or making them from scratch at home.

You can purchase shrimp salad recipes from many sources. You can find these and in cookbooks and even at some grocery stores. When buying shrimp it is best to get those that are in small sizes since they will cook more quickly. Also, try and purchase fish or chicken thighs to make your shrimp salad more interesting. I have found that canned shrimp can sometimes be overpowering and tends to take away from the overall flavor of the shrimp.

Easy To Prepare And Relatively Cheap

There are other ways that you can incorporate shrimp into your diet that are also easy to prepare and relatively cheap. For example, by marinating the shrimp in lime juice and adding fresh herbs such as dill, garlic and Rosemary, this can be a great way to add some flavor and a little bit of color to your salads. Also, using a balsamic vinegar and fresh tomatoes in your recipes, such as by making a tomato and basil salad or by using frozen strawberries instead of strawberries when creating a strawberry shortcake recipe, can help to add color and flavor to your dishes as well.

Lastly, by using shrimp and white wine in your recipes, such as by making a white fish and white wine Sauvignon Blanc recipe or making a lobster and shrimp cocktail recipe, you will be able to satisfy those cravings for seafood that may prevent you from enjoying all that seafood cuisine has to offer. In addition, it will help you avoid getting bored with the same old food.


Hopefully you have learned a little bit more about shrimp salad recipes and how you can incorporate them into your daily eating plan. There are many shrimp recipe ideas available online and in cookbooks. In addition, there are many ways to enjoy shrimp that you can make at home with just some ingredients and a few minutes of your time. When it comes to making this dish, remember to serve your shrimp in a separate bowl, so that both sides are exposed to the air. Also, be sure to enjoy your meal! After all, isn’t that what eating healthy is all about?

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