Know Your Salad Greens For Leafy Salad Types

leafy salad types

Know Your Salad Greens For Leafy Salad Types

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Is your salad too boring to your eyes and bland to your palate? Not anymore. Lettuces and Salad greens, not necessarily greens as deep purple flowering kale, in light yellow Frisee, and Swiss red chard, are widely available in food stores and are meant to be tossed raw. They have various textures and flavors, and choosing perfect mixtures or combinations can turn out into that utterly delectable salad of your desire. Apart from that, one can’t just enjoy these trendy salads in restaurants or fine dining but can have them in the confines of their homes. The thing is, you only have to know the taste of each green and which one is edible. And one important thing is to have a sense of balance for the flavors and colors.

Green Salad

Knowing the different leaves: The “green salad” is most frequently composed of leafy vegetables such as spinach, arugula, lettuce varieties, or escarole. The salad leaves are torn or cut into bite-sized fragments and tossed together or placed in a predetermined arrangement (called a composed salad).


Basically, four types of greens are considered as the lettuce. They are mentioned below.

The first is an iceberg, also identified as crisphead. It has a round, compact pale-green head. Usually, the mildest of the lettuces, iceberg lettuce is considered more for its crunchy texture than its flavor. However, it is typically eaten cold and raw in salads, hamburgers, tacos, sandwiches, and many other dishes.

The second variety of lettuce is romaine or cos lettuce. The head consists of long pale-green leaves that are crisp in texture. Basically, the crispiest, most flavorful parts of the romaine are the lighter leaves near the center. It is the crunchy salad ingredients such as cucumbers and fruit and onions and nuts.

The third kind of lettuce is the butterhead variety. Butterhead lettuces have round, small, loosely formed heads with buttery-textured, soft leaves varying the color from outer leaves to progressively on the internal leaves. The flavor is succulent and sweet.

The fourth variety of lettuce is the loose-leaf variety. This type of lettuce does not make a compact head. However, the leaves on the head of loose-leaf lettuce arrange themselves around a central stalk and are generally large and curly. The leaves are soft, tender, and mild in flavor.


A spicy, leafy green plant that has a distinct, strong flavor that is tangy and peppery. Apart from that, it is very rich in Vitamin A and C but very low in calories. Its flavor increases from bunch to bunch and best paired with sweet balsamic vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil.

Baby Spinach

A super green that is a variety of spinach whose spade-shaped leaves are soft and tender. Usually, spinach is sweeter than regular spinach and is coarse crispy, and with a delicate, subtle taste. It is full of vitamins and minerals and contains a high amount of fiber. It can be eaten alone or in the traditional preparation with bacon and hard-boiled eggs or simply with sliced mushrooms and other greens for a healthier version.

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