Mexican Corn Salad Recipes That Will Have You Saying Cheese And Shrimp All Summer

mexican corn salad recipes

How long has it been since you tasted authentic Mexican corn salad? If you have not tried one, it is about time you do. They are a total delight, and the perfect complement to any other kinds of Mexican dishes that you may prepare. Try serving them cold if you want a surprise! Just add a little lime and you will have a refreshing and tasty side dish. The vibrant colors of this dish will make your taste buds dance, and the tangy taste will linger in your mouth for a few more minutes.

Made With Cooked Or Uncooked Corn

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This Mexican corn salad recipe can be made with either, cooked or uncooked corn. If you want to try out the uncooked variety, simply soak it overnight in water. You can then mix together all the ingredients for the next morning’s meal. Alternatively, cooked corn can be grated and mixed with a little oil. Season it with salt and pepper to suit your taste. Serve it with tortilla chips, and you will have a partygoer’s delight!

To cook the corn, just add corn into a large bowl, along with some chopped tomatoes and onion, a bit of salt and pepper, and a touch of Cayenne pepper. Cover the ingredients in the mixture and stir gently until everything becomes smooth and creamy. When the ingredients are blended well, add a bit of milk, and let it stand for a few more minutes so that the creamy texture can blend with the ingredients. Serve with chips, or along with some sour cream for a delicious twist.

Easy To Make

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The second recipe that you will find useful is Mexican Corn Salad Recipes That Don’t Take Too Long! Just pop into your kitchen when you have a few minutes, and you are sure to have the ingredients ready when you need them. You will want to prepare the vegetables first, as the dressing is very rich, and you may find it difficult to get everything to go along with the other ingredients at the same time. However, by working in batches, you can end up with the complete meal in no time and be able to serve the dish without a lot of fuss.

First, you will need to gather all the items that are going to make up the corn salad recipe. You will need romaine lettuce, tomato, bell pepper, onion, cilantro, and lime juice. Put all of these items on a large pan, and heat over a medium heat. Allow the contents to cook thoroughly, and while they are cooking, add a generous helping of lime juice to the mix. While it is cooking, add the romaine lettuce to the mix as well, and continue to cook for another few minutes. Once you have completed this step, remove the entire mixture from the heat and allow it to cool slightly.

Add The Romaine Lettuce And Tomatoes

Next, you will want to gather your items, and set them in one big bowl. Add the romaine lettuce and tomatoes to the middle of the bowl, and add a tablespoon of lime juice. Stir the entire mixture until the ingredients are completely mixed, and then place the entire prepared corn salad onto a plate. Now, it is time to cut into the prepared vegetables. Using a spatula or fork, cut each item crosswise, until all of the pieces are covered in evenly cooked corn.


As you can see, preparation is very easy, and there are no cooking issues to be had. Simply by preparing the corn on the cob separately, and placing it in the refrigerator, it is possible for you to have the perfect summertime meal that everyone will rave about. Just by adding a little extra spice, and eliminating items such as cheese and sour cream, this Mexican dish can become a whole new favorite, all on its own. This easy preparation also shows details in the cooking, so that anyone looking for a complete Mexican dish, will find it here, as well as those who are simply looking for a simple yet delicious dish to serve. Make sure to try this fresh Mexican cuisine recipe, now.

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