Preparing Healthy Tuna Salad Right At Your Home

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Making healthy tuna salad at home with just a few ingredients is very easy and delicious. All you need is some time and the proper ingredients for a tasty and nutritious salad. Tuna is naturally one of the best all-natural fish oils available, especially if canned in small amounts. The fats in the fish are easily converted to beneficial Omega-3’s when these fats are added to a variety of salads, dips, and other foods.

To make a healthy tuna salad, start with romaine lettuce, some red onions, chopped canned tuna, and reduced-fat cheddar cheese. Combine the romaine lettuce with the onion and red onion. Then add the tuna and cheese. You can use a food processor to chop it up, or you can cut it up fine with a knife and serve it on top of a plate. Add a small amount of crunchy lettuce for an additional dose of protein.

You Can Also Use Non Seasoned Tuna

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Another way to make this recipe healthy is to use non-seasoned tuna instead of the smoked variety. If you want to preserve the flavor of the tuna salad, you can substitute the tuna salad with another kind of sandwich filling. You can add reduced-fat mayonnaise, chicken salad (make sure it contains reduced-fat dressing), spinach salad, cucumber slices, cucumber sticks, and reduced-fat cheese. You can also replace half of the tuna salad ingredients with macaroni or bean paste.

 Using a reduced amount of oil in your tuna salad recipe will also help keep it low in calories and fat. The key to creating a healthy tuna salad without mayo is to keep your salad mix on the thinner side. Low-fat mayonnaise is best, and you should strive to use ingredients such as fresh tuna, chopped canned tuna, chopped olives, chopped bell pepper, green onions, and small cucumber or bell pepper. You may want to add small amounts of some croutons or shredded sharp cheddar cheese.

A trick for creating a healthy tuna salad recipe that still contains the taste of tuna but reduces fat is to add a little milk and cream to the mix. This can be accomplished by using reduced-fat mayonnaise, adding little skim milk, or substituting half of the mayonnaise with yogurt. By using yogurt instead of mayonnaise, you can create a thick, creamy dressing that coats your veggies and bread much more quickly and coats them with much-needed calcium. This is important, as studies have shown that women exposed to high calcium levels during their pregnancy had lower risks of giving birth to a baby with severe dental problems.

Ingredients Used In Making A Tuna Salad

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The key ingredient here is none other than mayonnaise. When using mayonnaise, you have to be careful about the fat content because it can become quite heavy if it is not reduced. For this reason, you want to use a very thin, natural, no-sugar-added mayonnaise. If you are using store-bought mayonnaise, it is always wise to carefully read the label. Some brands of mayonnaise contain a high amount of sugar, which will contribute to your weight gain.

Another essential ingredient for a healthy tuna salad recipe is to use chopped finely crumbled romaine lettuce. The crunch of romaine lettuce goes a long way in dressing up this delicious treat. You may also choose to add sliced cucumbers or finely chopped zucchini to the mix as well. Then serve your tuna salad with freshly squeezed lemon juice and a drizzle of coarse salt. A delicious and easy way to incorporate vegetables into your tuna salad sandwiches!


There are many different ways you can add nutrition to a healthy tuna salad. Just a couple of key ingredients are essential to note here. Both guacamole and avocado egg salad is rich in healthy fats and protein, but they also help thicken the mixture, giving it the texture of a traditional tuna salad.

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