Salad Leaves Types – Adding The Right Leaves In Your Salad

salad leaves types

Every occasion or every home has dishes with greens in them. Greens make the dishes a lot more healthy and even good-looking. Salads are pre menus that one can find in anything. Salads are known to be much healthier and include in a proper diet. But ever wondered the salad leaves that are used can be of so exciting different varieties? Yes, salad leaves do have its own unique types and each of them tastes the best. Here’s a complete list of the best Salad Leaves Types to make any dining a most successful one. 

Salad Leaves Types – Napa Cabbage 

vegetable salad

This type of salad leaves is known for its sweeter taste and crunchiness. These are long oval-shaped leaves that become a main part of Asian salad dressings or dishes. 

Salad Leaves Types – Frisee And Chicory

A bowl of salad

These salad leaves are known for its ultimate nutritious quality that it provides in a diet. The leaves are somewhat spiky, bitter, and are stem-like but curly. These leaves easily go with meats, chicken, or even eggs. 

Salad Leaves Types – Spinach

These are extremely important to enrich the iron supplement in the body. Spinach leaves are all trendy with steaks and barbecues. These leaves are even good-looking and have a darkish green color.

Salad Leaves Types – ButterHead Lettuce 

It’s a type of lettuce leaves that works extremely well with fresh salads. These leaves are even used in rolls, wraps, and even burritos. Most of the burgers have butterhead lettuces inside. It is regarded as the best in the list of Salad Leaves Types. 

Salad Leaves Types – Romaine 

These are also a type of lettuce leaves. It has a thick center rib and is crunchy. These leaves do have a slightly bitter taste and hence are used in grilled dishes. The most famous caesar salads make use of these romaine leaves. 

Salad Leaves Types – Coral Lettuce 

A burger fan would surely be able to recognize these leaves by their name itself. These are so widely used in sandwiches and burgers. These are also called lollo Rosso which is usually a loose-leaf variety that is bright green in color and is all curled up. 


For some tips, you might want to try out creative salad presentations so that you are able to show interest in preparation and eating. This would keep you healthy and help you improve your cooking skills as well.


For being a better cook and being a star of the dishes, it’s truly important to know the salad leaves types which would help to bring the best out of the dishes. Knowing the use of each leaf and the type used in different recipes is a culinary art. Salads are after all greens that are healthy and even delicious if known how to cook perfectly. Most of these leaves are even liked by children and picky eaters. Therefore, it’s time to say goodbye to using the same old leaves for every dish and make the most out of the greens available.

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