The Easiest Healthy Fruit Salad Recipes

healthy fruit salad

With an easy homemade sugar-free syrup for dessert, breakfast, or lunchtime, enjoy this delightful, colorful tropical fruit salad with sugar-free preserves for a healthy pick me up. Topped with warm mint leaves, the healthy flavors are fresh, sweet, and light! Make this Easy Fruit Salad recipe when you need a fresher and lighter breakfast or dessert in a hurry!

Try This Easy Fruit Salad Recipe

A green apple

This delicious easy to make fruit salad is a great healthy alternative to your traditional breakfast for brunch. The syrup can be used as a dip for crackers and then whisked into your morning cereal for a delicious treat. Another great way to enjoy this delicious brunch is to serve it with some fresh, juicy strawberries for an excellent summer breakfast. You could also top some of the berries with some sliced fresh cucumbers for a delicious, excellent dessert for brunch.

Making healthy fruit salad for a family reunion or just as a fun way to enjoy a special meal with friends would be a nice change of pace from your usual menu. Fruit salad is a very easy-to-make healthy recipe that everyone would love. Serve it with some crackers with excellent homemade sugar-free preserves for dunking for an added sweet surprise. Summer is a great time to bring this healthy fruit salad to your next big event, and they are sure to be a huge hit!

Yogurt Dressing

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This healthy fruit salad can be served at your next outdoor party. Simply mix one tablespoon of yogurt, one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of lemon juice, one teaspoon of cinnamon, and two cups of water. Add a sprig of Rosemary and enjoy this delicious treat. To make it a tad bit sweeter, try using either yogurt, sugar-free preserves, or a combination of both.

Salads With Fruits

Making healthy fruit salad for brunch is a delightful idea. You’ll want to take an apple, orange, peach, plum, banana, or grapes and toss them in some chopped, fresh mixed greens, and celery stalks, and pears. You can serve this healthy recipe with a side of freshly baked rolls, as well as scrambled eggs, sunny side up eggs, cheddar cheese, barbecue sauce, and granola.

Winter Fruit Salad Dressing

Making a healthy fruit salad for winter is pretty easy. Just add a handful of mixed green vegetables and mixed nuts with any dressing you prefer, like mayonnaise, spicy mustard, honey mustard, or chili mustard. Then drizzle on any additional spices or seasonings you’d like, such as salt and pepper, oregano, or Cayenne.

Final Thoughts

As with the yogurt dressing, you can use any fresh fruit, but the yogurt dressing is my favorite. It’s a much cheaper option than purchasing the fruits separately, and you can choose from a variety of flavors like strawberry, blueberry, banana, grape, and more. Make sure that you use high-quality, organic yogurt so that you get the most nutritional value. And feel free to play around with different fruits and different flavors to create your own special healthy fruit salad recipe.

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