The Versatility of A Healthy Chicken Salad Sandwich

healthy chicken salad sandwich recipe

Looking for a healthy chicken salad sandwich recipe? A lot of people love chicken salad sandwiches. I love them too! The great thing about this particular recipe is that it can be as healthy or as unhealthy as you want it to be. It depends on how you choose to prepare it and the ingredients that you include.

Looking For A Healthy Menu?

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If you are trying to plan a healthy menu for the week, the chicken salad should definitely be included. You can make it as delicious as you would like. I usually use mayonnaise, which is a healthy choice and gives it a light flavor. To spice it up, you can try using a little Cayenne pepper, which will give it a nice kick. Another way to spruce up your chicken salad is to serve it with a sweet condiment. One of my favorites is to use honey. Honey adds a sweet touch to a chicken salad sandwich.

With or Without Lettuce

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You can choose to serve your chicken salad with or without lettuce. While this is a personal preference, studies have shown that adding both make a difference in the overall health of the sandwich. The lemon juice will help cut down on the podium in the sandwich. That’s all fine, but you might also want to consider adding some crunchy greens such as romaine lettuce or spinach to the salad. Nuts provide a healthy source of protein and, along with the cucumber, make an excellent sandwich ingredient.

It Is Worth The Time

A healthy chicken salad is a great alternative to the traditional frozen variety. If you are trying to stay healthy and save time, it is worth the few extra minutes it takes to prepare for this healthy version of the classic. It’s not difficult at all and the healthy ingredients can make a significant difference in how your meal turns out. There are many ways to jazz up your salad. As an added bonus, preparing your own healthy chicken salad sandwich at home is much easier than buying pre-made from the store.

Boosts Energy

A healthy chicken salad sandwich can also be used to boost your energy. This is an easy way to have something nutritious for lunch during the day and to avoid feeling hungry all day long. If you start the day feeling a little sluggish, a healthy chicken salad sandwich can help jump-start your metabolism and help you avoid feeling run down after lunch. With all the junk food available today, skipping meals is not always possible. A few bites of a healthy chicken salad sandwich can help keep you on track and can increase your energy level substantially.


While a chicken salad sandwich may seem like a simple menu item, there are actually several different ways to prepare and serve it that can vary the taste and result. Whether you decide to add crunchy greens or enjoy a smooth, creamy taste, you can easily customize your healthy chicken salad sandwich to have the taste and texture you desire. You may even decide to add mayonnaise or another additional type of creamy topping to give your sandwich that additional touch of deliciousness. Making a healthy sandwich can really expand your menu options and bring that extra zest to your next meal.

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