Types Of Salad Dressing which you should try

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Salads are the most important component of the meal. A good salad can be appealing to everyone. The salads can become a significant share of the meal, especially in the kids’ meals. The high nutritional profile of the salad can thus be easily incorporated in the diet plan. The fresh greens and the nutritious vegetables are not ever the first choice. Salads are just the best way to incorporate these elements in the diet. The salad dressings can make your efforts worthy of compliments. The following Salad dressings can make your meal delicious.

Roasted Garlic Dressing 

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As the name suggests, the dressing is prepared by using garlic, olive oil, classic vinaigrette dressing and parmesan. Garlics are roasted wrapped in aluminium foil and other components are added later. This enhances the garlic flavour. 

Shallot white wine dressing 

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Minced shallot with white wine will be the components for this dressing. The red wine used in the classic vinaigrette dressing is replaced by the White wine. Addition of minced shallots gives another layer to the dressing.

Mango Lime 

The name gives it away. Mango and lime in a foursome combination are blended in along with some kosher salt and mustard. Hints of vegetable oil provide it a good flavour.

Creamy Italian 

Creamy dressings are kids favourite. Mayonnaise, red wine vinegar, sour cream and olive oil are the key ingredients. Addition of Italian seasoning, garlic and kosher salt with some parsley (finely chopped) take the dressing a notch up.


Trying something different, then mediterranean dressing can be the choice. It is a perfect combination of Classic vinaigrette, crumbled feta, diced tomato, oregano and some chopped parsley. The perfect amount of oregano will make it just the best selection. 

Basil Walnut Dressing 

Nuts are a good choice for dressing. With some olive oil, lemon juice, basil and garlic clove, walnuts can be a wise option. Add salt to taste.

Hazelnut herb 

Talking of the nuts, hazelnut oil is a great choice for salad dressing. Blend dijon mustard, cider vinegar with some vegetable oil and hazelnut oil. Chopped chives, dill and pulse with some kosher salt will do the magic.

Spiced Chutney 

The spices are a good choice for dressing. Using ground cumin with mango chutney, lime juice, vegetable oil and some salt is simple and effective.

Cuban Mojo 

Some citrus in your dressing can become part via Cuban mojo dressing. Cooked garlic cloves in olive oil, after cooling, are blended with orange juice, lime juice, some cumin and a little salt. The taste can be enhanced by using finely chopped parsley.


The salads are an essential part of the diet. Because of the taste, they can become a favourite part too. The food that is eaten happily gets assimilated by the body easily. The taste by using different salad dressings can be easily enhanced. The salad can then become the essential as well as the liked component of the meal.

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