Types Of Salad Lettuce That You Can Use In Salads

types of salad lettuce

Whenever salad strikes your mind, lettuce is the first thing to add on. Especially people who prefer only salad most of the time may have tried different types of lettuce. It also may happen that you have tried only the tips of the lettuce family and never tried the original lettuce. There are more than 20 types of salad lettuce that you need to consider adding to your salad.

If you are thinking about different types of lettuce available in the market, don’t worry; I will help you out. Some of the lettuce is available at the farmers, while others may be available at a superstore.

Here are the best types of lettuce you should try.

Batavia Lettuce

Use In Salads

It is also known as summer crips, and when mixed in a salad, it gives a fantastic crisp. It’s the best in warm weather and won’t wilt like many other lettuces.

Even stays fresh in humid weather.

Bibb Lettuce

Use In Salads

It comes in two types, small or large, and the small one is not any larger than your fist. Further, it is sweet and is preferred to add in higher-end dishes.

It is one of the most expensive lettuce available in the market.

Dandelion Greens

Everyone is not fond of dandelion greens, but those who are will always prefer this one. They offer a complex and strong flavor and pair well with vinegary dishes.

Some people also use them to make tea.


These leaves work well with dips or shells. You can easily use it to fill chicken, shrimp, fish, or beef.

They are pretty similar to addiction.

Iceberg Lettuce

The most running, popular, affordable, and readily available lettuce in the market. It is mainly used in packaged foods and restaurants.


Kale has gained popularity in the past few years. It is bitter leafy lettuce, well, not lettuce. It belongs to the cabbage family. It is rich in both vitamin C and A.

It can also be used as an alternative for chips if you bake it with salt and olive oil in the oven.

Leaf Lettuce

It has all lettuce features but is known for its loosely packed leaves. Its taste varies from average to spicy.

Little Gem

This soft, crunchy, and crispy lettuce pairs well with a wrap. Its light flavor suits all the dressings.


These are small lettuce and come in a cluster or bunch or 5-6. Mix it well with other lettuce and enjoy the fantastic taste of the salad.


Mesclun means to mix, so mesclun is a mixture of greens in different shapes, sizes, and flavors.

The outcome is versatile flavors that change from bite to bite.


The same might sound like radish in french but don’t get mistaken, and it’s lettuce. It is also known as Italian chicory.

This one is chopped and then added to any salad, and it increases the taste and the looks of the salad. If you prefer sweet flavor salad, then adding this is the best option.

Grill it, and then enjoy the best salad ever.


These were some of the best salads you must try. All of these are different in taste and have their specialty. You can use each one of them for a different purpose.

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